Save Ben & Jerry's in the New York Times
Vermonters Would Keep Lid on Ben & Jerryīs Pint
BURLINGTON, Vt., Dec. 17 -- A poignant cry is rising from many a Vermonterīs heart these days, a plaint for local purity in the face of cold cash and the forces of globalization: "Say it ainīt so, Ben and Jerry!"
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Save Ben & Jerry's in the Boston Globe
Possibility of sale chills Ben & Jerry's Ally
By Ronald Rosenberg

London Financial Times:
"Ben and Jerry's fans prepare PR battle"

Monday Dec. 13, 1999 in the Financial Times
article by Victoria Griffith & Andrew Edgecliffe
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Save Ben & Jerry's in Money Magazine!
Money Magazine article

Read how the Burlington VT rally went. . .
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 Save Ben & Jerry's in the Boston Globe!
See the front page of Friday's (Dec. 10)
business section.   article by Ronald Rosenberg
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